We offer aerobatic training in our Cessna 150 aerobat, and aerobatic experience flights in our Pitts S2A aircraft.

Basic aerobatic training is conducted in our Cessna 150, as this allows the student to get used to what can be quite unpleasant phenomenons to start with. Lessons are usually only about 30 minutes long, due to the demands on the student.

We also offer trial aerobatic flights, which can be an ideal gift for those who like to get the adrenaline pumping. You purchase a gift voucher via our website here, or you can contact us.

Aerobatics in the Pitts S2A is also available. This aircraft is a fully aerobatic biplane and we offer real aerobatics experience flights flown by the owner Iain Smith.  If there is enough demand it is possible to arrange the services of aerobatics instructors cleared to teach aerobatics and to fly the Pitts, but that can be difficult as there is so little demand at present and insurance costs are very high on this aircraft due in part to the difficulty to land it.



We offer Aerobatics training up to AOPA Standards, and learn competition aerobatics if that is what you desire.

Chris Puddy our CFI won the Aerobatics Instructors competition in 2012
and this was the first competition he had entered.

For some tamer aerobatics, and a good starter is our Cessna 150 Aerobat

Taking our Cessna 152 Aerobat for some aerobatics.