Check availability

This booking viewer is a Beta version, in other words it may not work well.  Try refreshing the page, and also different options from the menu.  At the moment, if you click on the 3 day, or week at the top right, it is all scrunched up.  If you then click Group after selecting the time frame you wish to view, then it is much better.  At the moment it is no longer showing which instructor is doing the flying, but it is generally Chris Puddy who is doing most of the instruction.

Sometimes the writing may be all scrunched up.  Try clicking on another time frame.  That usually works. If it still does not work for you, scroll down to the link below this image, as that version may work a bit better.

And on this page we have another beta page where you can see all the bookings.  If you go to the menu at the top right you can select the more useful Week view, and if it is all scrunched up, then select Group at the top far right.

Once you see the availability of the aircraft, you can also see the instructor, then email to claim your aircraft and time and we will make the booking and confirm.

We are investigating the feasibility of allowing registered users to make their own bookings.