Extreme Aerobatics

We have access to a rare Pitts 12 based at Kemble.

Pitts 12 in Flight

  • The Flight; Have an amazing experience flying in a high performance aerobatic plane. This Pitts model 12 will give you a flight that you will never forget. This aircraft is only one of three Model 12s in the UK today.
  • Fly serenely in a beautiful biplane over the stunning Cotswold countryside, with views over the Severn Estuary and Wales or experience extreme aerobatics for the adrenaline junkies.
  • If you want, you can learn to fly manoeuvres yourself under  your pilot’s instruction and supervision, perhaps developing a flying sequence of figures as in an air show routine.
  • Each Experience Flight takes approx. 2 hours, this includes a pre-flight familiarisation with the aircraft, taxi, flight and debrief.  Prices start from £260 for an Experience Flight. Video footage taken from the flight can be recorded and provided on a USB stick for £30. Environmentally friendly trailing white smoke is also available for an additional charge of £25. Extended flights are available on demand, enquire for further details.

The cost is:-

From £260


To book your flight: Contact us

Or phone: +44 (0) 7580 069 155

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Watch this video of a Pitts 12 in action.