Trial Lesson and Vouchers

We have several options to book a trial lesson.   These can be made in our two seater Cessna 150 Aerobat, or the two seater modern Tecnam SIRA.   We also have a Cessna 172 which is a four seater and it is possible to bring someone for the ride in that.  The lessons can either be an hour or half an hour.  The hour is better value for money as there is 5 minutes of taxi time at each end of the flight.

You can either book online below, and during the process ask for a voucher which can be sent to you to give to someone as a present, then you can email or call to make the actual booking for the flight which will depend on the weather.  Or contact us for more information.

Book one hour  or half hour trail lesson in a two seat aircraft

Trial Lesson in 2 Seat Aircraft

Book trial hour or half hour trial lesson in four seat aircraft.   (3 people plus instructor)

Trial Lesson in 4 Seat Aircraft

You can also have a short aerobatic flight in our Cessna 150 aerobatic trainer.


We have another popular option. A trial flight for one or two people followed by a meal in a local pub. Make a day of your visit and explore the local area as well.

Fly’n Dine

For all the above flights, don’t forget to say if you want a voucher sent on, and these vouchers are valid for six months.

When you are ready to fly, then call or email your requested time and date.

This can be changed before the flight if the weather or other events happen to cause the flight to be postponed.